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50 Ultimate Ways to Repurpose an Old T-Shirt

1 Slasher Scarf 1. Slasher Scarf: Hi! It’s Jill from Lune Vintage. I’m here to share a simple 1970s inspired scarf with you today! Materials & Tools Length of Jersey Material (with a bit...


50 Stylish Earrings that You Can DIY

1 Fashionable Feather Earrings 1. Fashionable Feather Earrings: Make these cute and fashionable DIY Feather Earrings, this simple DIY tutorial with step by step instructions and photos will show you how. (via TiB) 2...


50 Spectacular DIY Shoe Makeover Ideas

1 Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes 1. Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes (via I Love to Create) 2 Tribal High Heels 2. Tribal High Heels: I recently made my own version of the gorgeous bead embellished...