How to Make the Most of a Small Hallway

The hallway is one of the most important spaces in the home but one which is often overlooked by homeowners. This is the space where you welcome visitors, get ready to leave the house and get comfortable when you arrive home so it should be somewhere that is both practical and welcoming but this can be challenging when you do not have a huge amount of space to work with.

Storage Bench

A storage bench is an excellent addition to a hallway because it is multifunctional. This provides you with somewhere to sit while you take your shoes off/put them on but it also gives you helpful storage space where you can put the shoes after to keep the area neat and tidy.

Coat Hooks

Coat stands tend to take up quite a lot of space which is why you are better off going for coat hooks spread out across the wall. This is a better use of space while still providing you with the ability to easily hang coats, hoodies and anything else that you might need in this space.

Small Dresser

If space permits, it can also be helpful to have a small dresser as this can be a space where you can keep handy items like the post, keys, gloves, shopping lists and anything else that you might need when leaving the house.

Maximize Light

Hallways can be dingy areas but you will want to create a bright, clean and airy feel to this important space of the home. A few ways in which you can do this include hanging a mirror (a good addition here anyway), using a light colour scheme for the walls and flooring and having artificial lighting in the form of wall lights from places like Cox & Cox.


You might be limited for space but it is still important to decorate this area so that it is stylish and welcoming both for you and any guests that you have. This means that a few photos on the wall and plants are your best option for a small hallway and should help to create the right feel at the entrance to the home.

Staying Organised

Importantly, you need to make sure that you keep this space neat and organised. It is very easy for it to become cluttered and chaotic (especially if you have kids) so you need to have rules in place and to regularly clean and tidy the area.

The hallway is an incredibly important area of the home but also one which can be challenging to decorate when you do not have much space – these tips should help you to make the most of this area of the home.

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