30 Super Cute Contact Paper DIY Project Tutorials to Revamp Your Home

1 Papered Tile

Papered Tile1. Papered Tile: OK now let me say one thing I by no means think this looks awesome. I think its an improvement but for the first couple hours after I did this, I was like oh ok that’s hideous. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

2 Easy Coasters

Easy Coasters2. Easy Coasters (via 86 Lemons)

3 Polka Dot Nursery Wall

Polka Dot Nursery Wall3. Polka Dot Nursery Wall: Michelle shares her innovative use of contact paper to create a polka dot nursery wall in her son’s baby room and gives you all the steps to create your own. (via Project Nursery)

4 Picture Frames

Picture Frames4. Picture Frames (via ldc designs)

5 Chalkboard Table Runner

Chalkboard Table Runner5. Chalkboard Table Runner: DIY Chalkboard Car Play Mat + Table Runner for Parties, Gifts and Playtime (via Studio DIY)

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