Museums You Need to Visit in England

England is home to many incredible museums which are all highly worth visiting. While you have a few of the more historic and famous museums to choose from, there are also a few of the more strange and unique ones which many people have not have heard of but are certainly worth the visit. Here are a few of the best museums to choose from in England.

Cuckooland, Cheshire

The strange and surreal Cuckooland in Cheshire is certainly one of the more unique museums that you will find in England as a museum that is home to over 600 cuckoo clocks which date back over 300 years with a few of the most unique and interesting cuckoo clocks ever made.

The Dog Collar Museum, Leeds Castle

Any dog-loving family will have a great day out at the Dog Collar Museum in Leeds Castle, Maidstone. Here you can browse a large collection of dog collars dating back an incredible 5 centuries as well as some of the more extravagant and over-the-top collars ever made.

The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley

Computers have completely revolutionised the entire world in recent times and it is fascinating to think about how different they have made modern life. The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley features the world’s biggest collection of working historic computers which allows you to see the incredible developments that have been made over the years. This is also a museum which is quick and easy to get to with a train to Bletchley and then walking to Bletchley Park where the museum is found.

The House of Marbles, Devon

Everyone appreciates a beautiful marble and this brilliant museum in Devon features stunning marbles in all sizes and varieties along with fantastic marble runs and an informative exhibit on how they are made. In addition to marbles, the museum also has a large pottery and glass section that is equally as captivating.

The Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle

This spooky museum in Boscastle, Cornwall is one of the more fascinating museums in England yet one which is often overlooked. Here you will find a strange collection of witch-related and occult artefacts and history, including voodoo dolls, spell books, potions and Ouija boards. If you are feeling daring, the late-night candlelit evenings are a unique experience!

These are a few of the best museums in England and all ones which are certainly worth visiting. England is home to some of the most historic and important museums in the world but there are also these slightly stranger, more alternative ones which are also worth the visit.

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