Top Tips For New Airbnb Owners

If you’re new to the world of renting with Airbnb, you’ve probably been busy finding out as much as possible about your new dig. With reported annual earnings for a typical host exceeding £3,000, your holiday let could be a lucrative investment.

In this guide we’ll cover some top tips and essential advice for improving the comfort, practicality, and security of your rental – all of which could boost feedback on your property and on your personal profile as host.

Step one: Prioritise Convenience

First impressions count, and that’s why you should make your check-in process as smooth as possible for your guests.

Many highly rated hosts offer a self-check-in option, usually achieved with an external keypad lock to access the keys to the property. Prior to their arrival, guests receive a combination code to retrieve their key – and this can easily be changed with every new stay.

Combination locks provide high levels of security and convenience for your guests, and if you opt for a keypad lock to open the property door itself, you can rest assured that no keys could be lost.

Top Tips For New Airbnb Owners

Step two: Offer modern touches

To keep up with the demands of modern travellers, especially the commuters, it’s best to provide reliable and fast Wi-Fi with a dedicated workspace.

If possible, place a desk in front of a window or in a light space, and provide an ergonomic chair for your guests to write, read, or work from as they please. You don’t have to make your rental too formal but offering a versatile space will gather more interest.

Basic appliances like hairdryers, irons, coffee machines, and washing machines could make the difference between your guest choosing your rental over a nearby competitor. Only offer what you can afford, but remember that guests come with high demands, so your investments should be rewarded.

Step three: Be available

With data collected by Airbnb revealing over 88,000 listings in London alone last year, the market is going to be competitive – so you need to stand out as a host.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to help your guests out, it’ll be clearly reflected in the feedback they leave you. Simple acts of kindness like returning forgotten items in the post or leaving a few breakfast supplies could go a long way for your future credibility and trust as a host.

Make sure your guests know they can come to you with any questions and leave an information pack with recommendations for local restaurants, sights, and activities.

If you’re prepared to put in the effort to keep your rental safe and comfortable and respond to the needs of individual guests, you’ll make a great Airbnb host!

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