15 Awesome Nail Tutorials For Short Nails

1 Rainbow Dotty Nails

Rainbow Dotty Nails1. Rainbow Dotty Nails (via islaay)

2 The Run Down Nail

The Run Down Nail2. The Run Down Nail: Ive always loved the artwork below and I finally figured out a way to get a similar look in a mani. Its different than a regular chevron pattern because its slightly more abstract and free-handed. I love the way one color runs over into the next one. You have to find the right pens- some [] (via The Beauty Department)

3 Splatter Nail Art

Splatter Nail Art3. Splatter Nail Art: If you haven’t noticed by now the StyleZilla team are in love with nail art and this technique has been seen splattered in many nail art blogs so we thought we’d share a simple yet truely fun tuturial with you. No need to be put … (via StyleZilla)

4 Black and White Asymmetrical Crescent Mani

Black and White Asymmetrical Crescent Mani4. Black and White Asymmetrical Crescent Mani (via Lulu’s)

5 Heringbone Nail Art

Heringbone Nail Art5. Heringbone Nail Art: You gotta love those magical moments when youre just minding your own bizz and inspiration jumps out and smacks you right between the eyes. Not long ago I was looking through floor patterns for a home project. My favorite pattern in the world is called the herringbone pattern. While Im speaking to this flooring guy, [] (via The Beauty Department)

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