12 Braid Hacks and Tricks You Should Know

1 How to Get a Thick Bohemian Braid

How to Get a Thick Bohemian Braid1. How to Get a Thick Bohemian Braid (via Elizabethany)

2 Braids for Brunettes + Redheads

Braids for Brunettes + Redheads2. Braids for Brunettes + Redheads: Sometimes when I’m cruising the ol www, I get a major case of texture envy when I see these beautiful blondes with so many swirly colors wearing these braids that look so dimensional. My own hair is solid red and to be honest, I love it and I have no interest in changing it by [] (via The Beauty Department)

3 Pull your braid apart to make it fuller

Pull your braid apart to make it fuller3. Pull your braid apart to make it fuller: Seriously, you’ll be out the door before you know it. (via Elle)

4 Summer Braid

Summer Braid4. Summer Braid: Okay, I know this isn’t an actual full braid tutorial but I felt like I needed to throw this in as part of our ongoing Summer Braid series because its a pretty epic tip. Anyone with fine, thin, straight or super healthy hair that tends to slide right out of a bobby pin will definitely [] (via The Beauty Department)

5 Back-to-Basics Braiding Trick

Back-to-Basics Braiding Trick5. Back-to-Basics Braiding Trick: We know most everyone learns to braid about the same time they learn to tie their shoes. But that doesn’t necessarily transla… (via Makeup.com)

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