18 Creative DIY Crochet Craft Ideas

11 Simple Slouch Crochet Hat

Simple Slouch Crochet Hat11. Simple Slouch Crochet Hat: Free pattern for a simple crochet hat – perfect for beginner crocheters. (via Persia Lou)

12 Crochet Gift Box

Crochet Gift Box12. Crochet Gift Box (via Ice Pandora)

13 Cozy Crochet Mittens

Cozy Crochet Mittens13. Cozy Crochet Mittens: I had always wanted to crochet a pair of mittens for myself and I remember very vividly looking up patterns on Ravelry the weekend before Myla was born two years ago. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as some mittens were crocheted row by row or others began at the cuff and were worked upwards. I was looking for a simple pattern that began with the magic circle and was worked downwards from the fingertips with ribbed cuffing and minimal attaching. I never ended up crocheting any mittens as I felt the contractions coming on a few short days later and picking up my crochet hook and designing patterns was at the back of my mind as we welcomed Myla into the world and adjusted to our new life as parents! Fast forward two years later and I decided to revisit my crocheted mittens idea! Lion Brand Yarnwas very generous in sending me some sample products to try in the summer, giving me a chance to work with yarn that I might have previously overlooked or were not sold in local craft stores. One of these yarns was Homespun (via All About Ami)

14 Crocheted Floor Cushions

Crocheted Floor Cushions14. Crocheted Floor Cushions: Follow this free pattern and tutorial to create crocheted floor cushions. The pattern has been simplified. Great for a beginner! (via Delia Creates)

15 Triple Luxe Cowl

Triple Luxe Cowl15. Triple Luxe Cowl: Triple Luxe Cowl When I first made these 15 Min Coffee Sleeves” last Christmas as quick gifts (see HERE), I fell in love with the look of these stitches as I did not know that this knitted v look… (via All About Ami)

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