18 Creative DIY Crochet Craft Ideas

1 Easy Peasy V-stitch Cowl

Easy Peasy V-stitch Cowl1. Easy Peasy V-stitch Cowl: Free crochet pattern for a V-stitch cowl that is so quick and easy to make (via Mon Petit Four)

2 Crochet Cactus

Crochet Cactus2. Crochet Cactus: My sister is moving away for school! Since every new home deserves a plant, I decided to crochet her a cactus. She actually had a real cactus before, but it died! So my sister gave me the pot it was… (via Stitch-em)

3 Wrapped Headband

Wrapped Headband3. Wrapped Headband (via Tangled Happy)

4 Chunky Fringe Infinity Scarf

Chunky Fringe Infinity Scarf4. Chunky Fringe Infinity Scarf: Simple Chunky Fringe Scarf – Super warm and cozy scarf crochet pattern. Make it in an hour! {Free pattern by Whistle and Ivy} (via Whistle and Ivy)

5 Faux Knit Ear Warmer

Faux Knit Ear Warmer5. Faux Knit Ear Warmer (via Tangled Happy)

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