32 Recycled Denim Jeans Projects

1 Denim Rug

Denim Rug1. Denim Rug: How to sew a recycled denim rug using lots of small rectangles of thinner denim plus a pieced backing of thicker denim. (via All Free Crafts)

2 Denim Door Hanger Organizer

Denim Door Hanger Organizer2. Denim Door Hanger Organizer: Today I created this door hanger organizer – a place for my phone, keys, sunglasses, etc. made from my daughter’s old jeans. It was so much fun and actually pretty easy! Shabby chic isn’t my thing … (via Simply Simple Stamping)

3 Denim Money Holder

Denim Money Holder3. Denim Money Holder (via Recycled Craft)

4 Denim Sunburst Textile Art

Denim Sunburst Textile Art4. Denim Sunburst Textile Art (via Belrossa)

5 Jeans Camera Bag

Jeans Camera Bag5. Jeans Camera Bag (via Evil Mad Scientist)

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