30 Amazing Beauty Facial Scrub Recipes for You to Try

1 Organic Citrus Body Scrub

Organic Citrus Body Scrub1. Organic Citrus Body Scrub: On p.66 of the new July/August 2013 Be Like Water issue of Coco Eco Magazine and in this week’s Coco Beauty blog post, this organic DIY Citrus Body Scrub… (via Organic Beauty Talk)

2 Lemon and Honey

Lemon and Honey2. Lemon and Honey: G’day Beach Cottage ladies, how the devil are you this fine Friday, now how about we play lotions and potions today and slap a few things on our faces? C’mon you know you want to. I have written before on this here little coastal corner of the web that I like to whip up (via A Beach Cottage)

3 Almond and Honey

Almond and Honey3. Almond and Honey: Hello again petals ! Last weekend, I promised myself some me-time. Catching up with myself at such a busy time felt so good and I spent a lot of the weekend in pamper-land, watching films and sleeping FEELS GOOD ! And I finally got round to mixing up a few beauty recipes again I hadn’t done homemade beauty in such a long time and I missed its simplicity and Continue reading (via Clones N Clowns)

4 Mint and Sugar

Mint and Sugar4. Mint and Sugar (via Pillow Thought)

5 Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice5. Pumpkin Spice: A homemade sugar scrub that uses homemade pumpkin puree and Fall spices to revitalize the skin and leave you feeling refreshed. The perfect fall sugar scrub. (via Live Simply)

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