30 Awesome Backyard Furniture DIY Ideas

11 Hypertufa Outdoor Table

Hypertufa Outdoor Table11. Hypertufa Outdoor Table: This interesting table is actually a molded planter with a wooden top. Its somewhere in between a planter and a table. It has the shape and design of a ta (via Homedit)

12 Otomi Patio Table

Otomi Patio Table12. Otomi Patio Table (via hi Sugarplum!)

13 Recycled Tire Table

Recycled Tire Table13. Recycled Tire Table (via Madcap Frenzy)

14 Milk Crate Stool

Milk Crate Stool14. Milk Crate Stool (via Working Class Magazine)

15 Patio Lounge Table

Patio Lounge Table15. Patio Lounge Table: Patio lounge table is an outdoor accent made from thrift store furniture, vintage wallpaper and spray paint. The vibrant design stimulates conversatio… (via Instructables)

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