30 Charming DIY Outdoor Storage and Organization Project Ideas

11 Grill Station

Grill Station11. Grill Station: In less time than it takes to marinate a steak, you can assemble a custom prep station for better barbecuing. (via Martha Stewart)

12 Rolling laundry cart

Rolling laundry cart12. Rolling laundry cart: Restore order to your home and your life with these efficient storage solutions. (via Real Simple)

13 Outdoor Pallet Garden Storage

Outdoor Pallet Garden Storage13. Outdoor Pallet Garden Storage (via Our Little Acre)

14 Outdoor Pallet Table

Outdoor Pallet Table14. Outdoor Pallet Table: Get inspired to repurpose salvage items from your garage into things for your home and garden you’ll use and love. (via Sunset)

15 Organizing Outdoor Play with Hanging Baskets

Organizing Outdoor Play with Hanging Baskets15. Organizing Outdoor Play with Hanging Baskets (via Momnivore’s Dilemma)

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