30 Charming DIY Outdoor Storage and Organization Project Ideas

26 Ladder Potting Station

Ladder Potting Station26. Ladder Potting Station: Get inspired to repurpose salvage items from your garage into things for your home and garden you’ll use and love. (via Sunset)

27 Simple Pallet Potting Bench

Simple Pallet Potting Bench27. Simple Pallet Potting Bench: A Potting bench or gardening table is a kind of workbench used for small gardening tasks such as transplanting seedlings. A basic potting bench has a work surface at bench height and storage for potting soil, pots, and tools.What you are going to need:2 pallets, ideally in a good condition Electric saw/hand saw Pry bar, pliers (to remove nails), tape measure and pencil2 drills (one to drill pilot holes and another one with the screw tip bit)Sand paper Paint and brush (optional) (via Hariskal)

28 Backyard Pantry

Backyard Pantry28. Backyard Pantry: Names: Jennifer, Jack (5) and Gracie (1.5) Location: Long Island, NY In order to live up to our motto, “When in doubt, go out,” I created a backyard pantry to keep all of our outdoor staples at the ready. Friends of ours were giving away a knotty pine armoire, which I gratefully grabbed, and placed on the back deck. (via Apartment Therapy)

29 Small Shelf Makeover

Small Shelf Makeover29. Small Shelf Makeover: Would you believe me if I told you that this big old pile of stuff could possibly look cute? No? You are right, it cant. Hey, bubbles! Uh, anyway, no, this assortment of junk just can’t, by its very nature, be cute. Even if your organized it and straightened it and put it in matching baskets. (via Better After)

30 Outdoor Storage Locker

Outdoor Storage Locker30. Outdoor Storage Locker: Assemble this easy-to-build storage locker for your outdoor tools. It’s low and compact, yet spacious enough hold your lawnmower, long-handled tools and all your gardening materials. (via The Family Handyman)

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