30 Charming DIY Outdoor Storage and Organization Project Ideas

16 Shoe Organizer Garden Tools Storage

Shoe Organizer Garden Tools Storage16. Shoe Organizer Garden Tools Storage: Pictured above: an old soda bottle works as an inexpensive cloche to protect a young seedling. Last week, I launched a series on Frugal Gardening. Watch for new posts each Monday and Friday and an update on my own garden each Tuesday. I created a Frugal Gardening page over the weekend so you can refer [] (via The Coupon Project)

17 Garbage and Recycling Storage

Garbage and Recycling Storage17. Garbage and Recycling Storage: The gardening and landscaping experts at HGTV help you choose structures and storage options for your yard. (via HGTV)

18 Turning your old file cabinet into a storage

Turning your old file cabinet into a storage18. Turning your old file cabinet into a storage: If you were to ever come to my house you would quickly realize that out of all the rooms in my house, my garage is the land that time, space and attention forgot. I know where my tools are, but the rest of it is one big Bermuda Triangle of supplies. (i.e… (via Trash to Treasure)

19 Outdoor Toy Organization and Storage

Outdoor Toy Organization and Storage19. Outdoor Toy Organization and Storage (via Random Thoughts of a Supermom)

20 Makeshift Mudroom

Makeshift Mudroom20. Makeshift Mudroom: A simple worktable makes this space on an outdoor porch a perfect mudroom with a chalkboard, space for muddy boots, and old crates for handy storage. (via Coastal Cottage)

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