30 Clever and Easy Gardening Tips and Ideas

11 How to Make Moss Graffiti

How to Make Moss Graffiti11. How to Make Moss Graffiti: The original guide to creating moss graffiti, the eco-friendly way to tag the world. Our tutorial will teach you how to easily make graffiti with moss! (via Stencil Revolution)

12 Roses in spuds

Roses in spuds12. Roses in spuds: Taking rose cuttings an easy to follow guide, we also show you how to grow your roses in potatoes. (via Amateur Gardening)

13 Ikea Hack Herb Garden

Ikea Hack Herb Garden13. Ikea Hack Herb Garden: Bring some summer to your walls! (via Curbly)

14 Basil Propagation from Cuttings

Basil Propagation from Cuttings14. Basil Propagation from Cuttings (via Thyme to Garden Now)

15 Vodka and Citrus Sodas Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Vodka and Citrus Sodas Keep Cut Flowers Fresh15. Vodka and Citrus Sodas Keep Cut Flowers Fresh: Lemon-lime soda brightens those drooping bouquets and vodka gets in the way of aging (via Scientific American)

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