How to Decorate Your Backyard This Summer

Our backyards are sorely overlooked when it comes to design.  We work so hard to create an indoor space that looks and feels unique to us, and yet many of us completely forget to do the same with the outdoors.

These tips can help create a yard you’ll never want to come in from!  Just remember to have fun with it!

Decorate With Shade In Mind

Summers are only getting hotter, so you must design with the heat in mind.  Birmingham homes for sale combat the heat by showing off beautiful pergolas and other shady structures that keep the heat away.  Although a pool can be a nice touch, these are expensive to build and even more costly and time-consuming to upkeep. So don’t fall for that work; instead, create cooler spaces within your yard that won’t need as much maintenance.

Create Separate Spaces to Get The Most Use

If you have a large and beautiful green backyard, you may realize over time that you hardly use any of it.  This could mean that you only get used out of the first couple of yards or that you forget about your yard entirely.  This is, unfortunately, normal for most homeowners.

The best way to remedy this problem is to create individual spaces for anything you want on your lawn.  Do you want to have a little garden?  Please do it!  Would you love a flat and dry area to do yoga in the mornings?  You can have it!  Separate different parts of your lawn for various functions, like you would rooms in a home, and you can create a yard that’s functional and beautiful.

How to Decorate Your Backyard This Summer

Don’t Be Afraid to Blur the Lines Between Inside and Outside.

There’s nothing as nice as relaxing at home.  The only problem with backyards is they’re often prone to insects, and it can feel like code-switching to have to convince yourself to spend time outdoors. So instead, create an outdoors that feels like an extension of the indoors through clever design work and insect control.

You can do this by continuing color and texture ideas that you have in your home, out onto your back porch with outdoor furniture.  Grow plants like basil and citronella that naturally keep insects at bay, and you won’t have to worry about getting chewed on while you enjoy your home.

Create Your Own Oasis

We could all use a break from our daily lives. So morph your backyard into a space that’s like a spa getaway for you.  This could mean building a nice relaxing area with water features and seating, or it could mean making a little wet bar for yourself next to the grill.

Whatever excites you and makes you want to spend more time outside: do it!  Although there can be limitations to what you can build outdoors if you want it to last, creating roofing for some areas can make a space last longer and will give you more options when it starts to get hotter out.

Your lawn shouldn’t be a strip of land you never get use out of: have fun with it!

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