30 Clever DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Keep Your Desk Organized

21 Trendy Easy-to-Build Desk Organizer

Trendy Easy-to-Build Desk Organizer21. Trendy Easy-to-Build Desk Organizer: Keep pen, paper, and phone always accessible using a bright desk organizer. DIY it this weekend, and you’ll be excited for work on Monday! (via Bob Vila)

22 Upcycled Wood Desk Organizer

Upcycled Wood Desk Organizer22. Upcycled Wood Desk Organizer: DIY Desktop Organizer and iPad Stand (via The Happier Homemaker)

23 Cardboard Box Organizer

Cardboard Box Organizer23. Cardboard Box Organizer (via You Want Me to Buy That?)

24 Cork Pencil Holder

Cork Pencil Holder24. Cork Pencil Holder: makekind: creative diy projects from laura parke (via Design for Mankind)

25 Polka Dot Tin Can Desk Organizer

Polka Dot Tin Can Desk Organizer25. Polka Dot Tin Can Desk Organizer: A great do-it-yourself can desk organizers tutorial using tin cans and some cork to soften up the edges. Decorate with polka dots and you’re on your way! (via Petit Elefant)

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