30 Clever DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Keep Your Desk Organized

26 Super-Simple PVC Desk Organizer

Super-Simple PVC Desk Organizer26. Super-Simple PVC Desk Organizer: Make Desk Organizing Cups with PVC Here is a super-cute storage idea that can be made for very little money Though $24.95 for the original isn’t bad, it only comes in three colors. For (via Designs by Studio C)

27 Empty Boxes Desk Organizer

Empty Boxes Desk Organizer27. Empty Boxes Desk Organizer (via Show Me How To)

28 Easy Desk Organizer

Easy Desk Organizer28. Easy Desk Organizer (via (I) (L)ove (D)oing (A)ll Things Crafty!)

29 Little Desk Boxes

Little Desk Boxes29. Little Desk Boxes (via myLifebox Designs)

30 Wooden Pencil Holder

Wooden Pencil Holder30. Wooden Pencil Holder: Remember that Anthro book case I posted about last week? When I was making it, I had some leftover wood slivers. So I decided to make a pencil holder with them. I took two 1-inch pieces, stacked th… (via whollyKao)

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