30 Clever DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Keep Your Desk Organized

6 Cereal Box Stationary Organizer

Cereal Box Stationary Organizer6. Cereal Box Stationary Organizer (via Katydid and Kid)

7 Wonder Desk Organizer

Wonder Desk Organizer7. Wonder Desk Organizer (via stranamasterov)

8 Stack Up Can Desk Organizer

Stack Up Can Desk Organizer8. Stack Up Can Desk Organizer: Tin cans, a glue gun and a little paint bring order to worktops. (via OregonLive.com)

9 LEGO Desk Organizer

LEGO Desk Organizer9. LEGO Desk Organizer: I made a desk organizer out of LEGOs. ‘Cause I’m an adult now. (It’s DIY, cheap, easy, & extremely useful.) (via Cthuliz)

10 Shoe Box Desk Organizer

Shoe Box Desk Organizer10. Shoe Box Desk Organizer: It’s that time of year again: we’re all back to school after winter break. I was an art student in school, so yeah, my desk was messy all the time. When it was a new semester, I would always want to clean, start fresh, as by the end of the semester my desk would surely be a maddening unorganized mess without fail. In an effort to keep things in the right place and save money, I would make desktop organizers from wrapping paper, shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls. (via Hello Giggles)

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