35 Cheap And Easy Last Minute DIY Gift Project Ideas

1 Easy Watercolor Portrait

Easy Watercolor Portrait1. Easy Watercolor Portrait: tutorial for making an easy watercolor portrait using a simple tracing technique (via Grow Creative)

2 Neck Candy

Neck Candy2. Neck Candy: Yes people! I finally have a new DIY for you! I’m so sorry for such a canyon sized gap between this and the last one. It certainly wasn’t intentional but design work very much got in the way. Actua… (via The Lovely Drawer)

3 Stamped Peppermint Candy

Stamped Peppermint Candy3. Stamped Peppermint Candy (via Heather Baird)

4 Embroidery Threads Necklace

Embroidery Threads Necklace4. Embroidery Threads Necklace: Get ready to never look at embroidery threads in the same way again. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to make a statement DIY necklace Embroidery threads are not just for stitching and sewing they have the potential to become statement necklaces using just a few techniques! Make this multi-coloured DIY necklace, an exclusive tutorial from… Continue reading (via Mollie Makes)

5 Yarn Pompom Letters

Yarn Pompom Letters5. Yarn Pompom Letters: A simple tutorial which shows how to create these pom pom monogram letters with yarn or wool. (via Bespoke-Bride)

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