30 Easy Microwave Dorm Room Meals You Can Make

11 Chickpea Flour Mug Cake

Chickpea Flour Mug Cake11. Chickpea Flour Mug Cake: In a rush and in need of a quick snack? Preparation and cooking time of these 3 savory mug cake recipes are well below 5 minutes. Enjoy your pizza mug cake fresh and hot off the microwave! (via Fitness Treats)

12 Couscous Greek Salad

Couscous Greek Salad12. Couscous Greek Salad: Believe it or not, you can get away with making and eating all of your meals for the day in one dish. All you need is a mug and some simple ingredients. (via Spoon University)

13 Quick Ramen Bowl

Quick Ramen Bowl13. Quick Ramen Bowl: Turn a boring and inexpensive pack of ramen into a flavorful and filling meal with these quick and easy add-ins. (via Budget Bytes)

14 Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla

Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla14. Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla: Sometimes us adults make junk food and call it a meal when its really just a giant snack because we can. The longer I’m a parent, more I realize that I abuse the privilege (ha) of being an adult quite often. And my inner parent says, Where are the vegetables? No balance in this one. It…Read More (via Life a Little Brighter)

15 Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich

Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich15. Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich (via Foodie Crush)

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