31 Charming Ways To Decorate With Washi Tape

6 Washi Tape Your Door Edges

Washi Tape Your Door Edges6. Washi Tape Your Door Edges: There are a few things in this world to which I have a difficult time committing. Paint is one of them. Ive seen images of brightly painted door edges floating around for months now, and I love the look but couldnt you know. Then the other day it hit me, why not washi tape my (via Design Crush)

7 Washi Tape Sofa Legs

Washi Tape Sofa Legs7. Washi Tape Sofa Legs (via Poppy Talk)

8 Washi Stairs

Washi Stairs8. Washi Stairs (via Pascal Anson)

9 Orange Washi Tape Decor

Orange Washi Tape Decor9. Orange Washi Tape Decor (via How About Orange)

10 Washi Tape Food Picks

Washi Tape Food Picks10. Washi Tape Food Picks (via Bento Zen)

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