31 Charming Ways To Decorate With Washi Tape

1 Washi Tape Phone Case

Washi Tape Phone Case1. Washi Tape Phone Case: This DIY Phone Case idea features YOUR favorite Washi tape and a hard case making your investment less than $5! (via Clever Pink Pirate)

2 Washi Tape iPad Makeover

Washi Tape iPad Makeover2. Washi Tape iPad Makeover (via My Poppet)

3 Washi Tape Cords

Washi Tape Cords3. Washi Tape Cords (via Delicious Spaces)

4 Washi Tape Trivet

Washi Tape Trivet4. Washi Tape Trivet (via Bluet and Clover)

5 Dress Up Your Switchplates

Dress Up Your Switchplates5. Dress Up Your Switchplates: An easy DIY by crab+fish: decorate your lightswitches and outlet covers with Japanese masking (washi) tape! (via Crab and Fish)

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