35 Creative DIY Storage Solutions for People with Small Spaces

6 Shoebox Charging Station

Shoebox Charging Station6. Shoebox Charging Station (via BugabooAvenue)

7 Scarf Organization

Scarf Organization7. Scarf Organization (via from the desk)

8 Entryway Mirror Makeover

Entryway Mirror Makeover8. Entryway Mirror Makeover: Sometimes a simple DIY project can turn into something much more complicated than you anticipated. This mirror turned out exactly like I envisioned, but it took (via Tattooed Martha)

9 Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers9. Cereal Box Drawer Dividers (via IHeart Organizing)

10 Scarf Hanger

Scarf Hanger10. Scarf Hanger: A wooden hanger and metal rings to keep your scarves hanging in style. Whether you’ve got a ton or just a few, you’ll want to make this DIY scarf hanger. (via Everyday Dishes & DIY)

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