35 Creative DIY Storage Solutions for People with Small Spaces

31 Industrial Chic Garment Rack

Industrial Chic Garment Rack31. Industrial Chic Garment Rack: Loft Style: DIY Industrial Chic Garment Rack. Overflowing closet? Need guest room storage? How about a rolling rack in the laundry room? Make this industrial-modern garment rack using plumbing pipes and a pre-cut wood board from your local hardware store. No problem! This garment rack is a Continue reading (via eHow)

32 Canvas Baskets

Canvas Baskets32. Canvas Baskets: Patterned Canvas Basket for Anthro-Knock Off Challenge Week (via life in velvet)

33 Frame Organizer

Frame Organizer33. Frame Organizer: Sew a fabric binder that folds into an “A” shaped frame and has pockets. Perfect for storing everything! (via Haberdashery Fun)

34 Stuffed Animal Swing Hanging Toy Storage

Stuffed Animal Swing Hanging Toy Storage34. Stuffed Animal Swing Hanging Toy Storage: Tweet Pin It Ive spent some time hunting for a good organization system for my boys stuffed animals. Ive seen hammocks which hang in a corner of the room (wont work because there’s no free corner in their bedroom) and large custom built stuffed animal zoos ($200+) and bookshelves with dowels running down the (via It’s Always Autumn)

35 Cord and Hose Hooks

Cord and Hose Hooks35. Cord and Hose Hooks: If you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around your garage, then you’re probably knocking over bikes and tripping over building materials more than you’d like. Check out this collection of clever, simple, low-cost garage storage tips that will instantly get your bikes, tools, construction materials and lawn equipment off the floor and out from under foot. (via Family Handyman)

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