35 Creative Uses of Crayons

11 Melted Crayon Rocks

Melted Crayon Rocks11. Melted Crayon Rocks: Melted crayon rocks are made by “painting” on hot rocks with crayons, which melt as they touch the heated rock. This post shares tips and tricks for success (via Artful Parent)

12 Melted Crayon Luminaries

Melted Crayon Luminaries12. Melted Crayon Luminaries: Candles are like pantyhose for your house: They make everything look good. I try to use candles as often as possible because they are the cheapest and most effective way to make mundane stuff seem special. I cant get enough of them. Tuesday Meatloaf is no fun, but Tuesday dinner served by candlelight is a (via Aunt Peaches)

13 Recycled Dinosaur Crayons

Recycled Dinosaur Crayons13. Recycled Dinosaur Crayons (via Rust and Sunshine)

14 Ombre Crayon Letter

Ombre Crayon Letter14. Ombre Crayon Letter: Use crayons and a wood letter to create this colorful ombre letter! (via Craftcuts.com)

15 Turn old crayons into fun, colorful shapes

Turn old crayons into fun, colorful shapes15. Turn old crayons into fun, colorful shapes: Give new life to your old crayons. (via She Knows)

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