50 Creative DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials to Jazz Up Your Keys

1 Pompom Keychain

Pompom Keychain1. Pompom Keychain: Have you searched for your keys in your bag and you can’t find them? You can’t feel them? You look inside and can’t see them? Let’s make a practical and cute keychain so you don’t have this problem… (via Plan B)

2 Chevron Keychain

Chevron Keychain2. Chevron Keychain: This Father’s Day, make something Dad will absolutely love and use every day: this DIY leather keychain. (via She Knows)

3 Kawaii Key Chain

Kawaii Key Chain3. Kawaii Key Chain (via Madame Citron)

4 Cord Organizer and Keychain

Cord Organizer and Keychain4. Cord Organizer and Keychain: One problem two solutions. Last week I showed you (via Monsters Circus)

5 Leather Tassel Keychains

Leather Tassel Keychains5. Leather Tassel Keychains (via Design Love Fest)

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