35 Creative Uses of Crayons

16 Crayon Pencil Holder

Crayon Pencil Holder16. Crayon Pencil Holder: I have a few friends who are teachers and each year they’ve told me that they love Back To School night because it gives them a head start on meeting their new students and trying to learn a little bit about them. I thought it would be fun for those headed to school in the (via events to CELEBRATE!)

17 Carved Crayons

Carved Crayons17. Carved Crayons (via The Pleasure of Tiny Things)

18 Rainbow Crayons

Rainbow Crayons18. Rainbow Crayons: A guest post by Alex of Alex Keller Studio. My son’s pre K class colors every morning. One of the teachers mentioned getting some new crayons. I ask what they did with the old ones. She said that they would save them for a while and maybe try to find a project for the kids,… Read More (via Paper and Stitch)

19 Crayon Egg Candles

Crayon Egg Candles19. Crayon Egg Candles: Welcome back to this weeks How To where I show you how to make a candle again this time Egg Candles in time for Easter so if your are looking for Easter Egg ideas, look no further! This is a good time to start planning your Easter Egg ideas, as you have to (via Red Ted Art)

20 Crayon Melt Glass Ornaments

Crayon Melt Glass Ornaments20. Crayon Melt Glass Ornaments (via The Swell Designer)

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