35 Easy Ways to Fashionably Revamp Your Old Jeans

1 Printed Denim

Printed Denim1. Printed Denim (via swellmayde)

2 Bleach Tie Dye Jeans

Bleach Tie Dye Jeans2. Bleach Tie Dye Jeans (via Garotas Modernas)

3 Distressed Skinny Jeans

Distressed Skinny Jeans3. Distressed Skinny Jeans: Yesterday I talked a bit about the latest trend of distressed jeans which I’m loving! I experimented with a few techniques this weekend to distress your own pair (since it seems absolutely ridiculous to pay for a new pair of distressed jeans) and made some interesting discoveries about how to distress and how to prevent (via Say Yes)

4 Bleach Dipped Aztec Jeans

Bleach Dipped Aztec Jeans4. Bleach Dipped Aztec Jeans (via Minted Strawberry)

5 Bleach Pen Jeans

Bleach Pen Jeans5. Bleach Pen Jeans (via Amanda k. by the Bay)

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