35 Genius Winter Hacks To Help You Get Through This Cold Weather

1 Stacked Felt Slippers

Stacked Felt Slippers1. Stacked Felt Slippers (via Purl Soho)

2 Sweatshirt Slippers

Sweatshirt Slippers2. Sweatshirt Slippers (via Lately Reconstructed)

3 Tie-on Slippers

Tie-on Slippers3. Tie-on Slippers (via lancmaltby)

4 Hand Warming Gloves

Hand Warming Gloves4. Hand Warming Gloves: You can sew up a tiny rice pack to nestle in the palms of your favorite gloves in about ten minutes. Then, pop your gloves in the microwave for a few seconds, and presto! Cozy warm hands! (via CraftStylish)

5 Muff Fones

Muff Fones5. Muff Fones: My ears get real cold. Plus they hurt like crazy when it’s cold and I use ear buds. Solution, hack some earphones into a spare pair of earmuffs. This fun Instructable includes using a dremel, sugru, listening to music and keeping your ears warm. What’s not to love. Certainly I’m not the first bloke to think of this idea. I searched for a commercially avaliable product; they range from $15-$60 US dollars. (via Grissini)

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