35 Newspaper And Magazine Craft Ideas

11 Patch Drywall with Newspaper

Patch Drywall with Newspaper11. Patch Drywall with Newspaper: Patching drywall with crumpled newspaper is one of a few techniques you can use for repairing drywall holes. The experts at the DIY Network explain here. (via DIY Network)

12 Pop Art

Pop Art12. Pop Art: I am no artist or art student, but I can recognize classic pop art when I see it. Whether its by Lichtenstein or Warhol, its a very distinctive style that makes use of pop culture references and bold color. I found some 1212 foam boards at the dollar store and wanted to try my hand (via Mad in Crafts)

13 Cutout Art

Cutout Art13. Cutout Art: Wall-E Art – PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) – I was inspired by user KatyMai on her featured post (via Craftster)

14 Repurposed Placemats

Repurposed Placemats14. Repurposed Placemats (via The Pink Couch)

15 Magazine Page Suitcase

Magazine Page Suitcase15. Magazine Page Suitcase (via Sincerely Kinsey)

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