35 Newspaper And Magazine Craft Ideas

26 DIY Bracelet

DIY Bracelet26. DIY Bracelet: Alex Lockwood, paper-folder extraordinaire, shows us how to make a bracelet from those annoying subscription cards that fall out of your magazine. … (via Time Out)

27 Mini Notebook

Mini Notebook27. Mini Notebook: I always keep at least two or three notebooks in my purse. I jot lists on them, keep ideas safe and tear pages out to leave notes for my friends. Today I want to share a quick (and budget friendly) way to make your own pretty journals. You can whip up a batch in an afternoon and use them for months. Enjoy! Supplies Needed: Pretty magazine pages, paper (graph, lined… (via A Beautiful Mess)

28 Sew Newspaper Dress

Sew Newspaper Dress28. Sew Newspaper Dress: This Instructable will teach you how to make a dress out of newspaper using a sewing machine. It makes a great recycled Halloween costume or a very in… (via Instructables)

29 Newspaper Wedding Bouquet

Newspaper Wedding Bouquet29. Newspaper Wedding Bouquet: Instead of tossing your beautiful bouquet on your wedding day, or paying extra for a second arrangement, make your own toss bouquet from newspapers. Along with being a fun way to upcycle your favorite daily read, this DIY only costs a few dollars to (via PopSugar)

30 Newspaper Leaves

Newspaper Leaves30. Newspaper Leaves (via Life with Little Ones)

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