50 Creative Spray Paint DIY Projects Ideas to Make ANY Stuff Look Awesome

1 Refurbishing Wrought Iron Furniture

Refurbishing Wrought Iron Furniture1. Refurbishing Wrought Iron Furniture (via Just Another Hang Up)

2 New Locker Baskets Turned Vintage

New Locker Baskets Turned Vintage2. New Locker Baskets Turned Vintage: Aging Locker Baskets (via It All Started with Paint)

3 Spray Painted Rain Boots

Spray Painted Rain Boots3. Spray Painted Rain Boots: As newbies to the Pacific Northwest, we quickly learned that rain boots are a necessity. As a chronic DIY-er, I decided to pick up some plain black chore rain boots from Walmart (Target sells them too)and fancy them up a bit. (via Delia Creates)

4 Spray Paint Your Rubber Boots

Spray Paint Your Rubber Boots4. Spray Paint Your Rubber Boots (via At Home in the Northwest)

5 Golden Straw Bunting

Golden Straw Bunting5. Golden Straw Bunting (via Oleander and Palm)

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