4 Home Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Property

Have you become a little too familiar with your surroundings recently? While people across the world have been cooped up indoors under lockdown conditions, many will have spotted opportunities to make home improvements.

DIY sales surged in the UK last year as Brits looked for new ways to keep busy. Yet while plans might be motivated by boredom, personal desire, or even necessity when things go wrong, not all revamps offer the same return on investment when looking to sell.

Below we highlight some of the home improvements that, though potentially costly upfront, can all add real value to your property.

4 Home Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Property

Revamp your kitchen

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. If yours feels cramped or shut-off, it could be worth knocking an interior wall through or adding an extension to appeal to modern demands.

If it’s your kitchen’s appearance that’s the problem, quick makeover options include repainting cabinets, fitting new appliances and adding smarter storage. Either way, many buyers will be prepared to pay more for a spacious kitchen that’s in good condition.

Upgrade your heating system

With public concern about the environment at an all-time high before the pandemic, efficient heating is likely to be a key selling point for many potential buyers.

As well as lowering their energy usage and cutting bills, upgrading your current system will save them the hassle of what can be a disruptive process.

Fitting a new boiler can’t always wait, of course. If yours is on the blink and there’s no time to raise money through traditional methods, a bad credit loan could help keep your home cosy.

Convert your loft

Adding a bedroom or living space is usually a safe bet for increasing property value providing it doesn’t detract from existing areas. If you’ve got unused loft space to hand, converting it could be a profitable move.

Standard loft conversions can be surprisingly straightforward too – and most are classed as permitted developments. If it’s an extra bedroom you opt for, incorporating an en-suite will improve comfort and maximise your returns.

Enhance your outdoor areas

Outdoor space was a key selling point even before people’s claustrophobic experiences in lockdown. Now demand for gardens has risen further, a well-executed landscaping project could help you attract wealthier bidders.

Incorporating a variety of seating options will create new opportunities for relaxation and entertaining guests. Fire pits and covered areas can help keep people outside for longer, meanwhile.

Could any of these home improvements fit the bill for your property?

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