40 Cool Products to Easily Declutter Your Home

16 Reusable Bag Holder

Reusable Bag Holder16. Reusable Bag Holder: For storing empty grocery bags or socks. (via Animi Causa)

17 Drawer Organizer for Food Storage Containers

Drawer Organizer for Food Storage Containers17. Drawer Organizer for Food Storage Containers: Our StoraStack Drawer Organizer for Food Storage Containers holds 12 containers and matching lids from brands like Ziploc & Glad (not included). Organize your food storage containers in a deep kitchen drawer with our adjustable drawer organizer. Expands (via Organize.com)

18 Crescent Moon Catch-All Dish

Crescent Moon Catch-All Dish18. Crescent Moon Catch-All Dish: Catch it all – accessories, change, keys… in this sleek wooden dish shaped like a crescent moon. (via Urban Outfitters)

19 Memo Chalkboard

Memo Chalkboard19. Memo Chalkboard: With this Vinyl chalkboard special sticker you can write and wipe your ‘must do’ list. (via Animi Causa)

20 Twist Fold 3 Tiered Bowl

Twist Fold 3 Tiered Bowl20. Twist Fold 3 Tiered Bowl: This triple-decker tower of nesting bowls makes entertaining a cinch even in an itty-bitty apartment kitchen. (via UncommonGoods)

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