40 Cool Products to Easily Declutter Your Home

26 Smart Store Tote

Smart Store Tote26. Smart Store Tote (via The Container Store)

27 Towel Holder

Towel Holder27. Towel Holder: IKEA – GRUNDTAL, Towel holder with 4 bars, Swivels fully to the left or right. (via IKEA)

28 Under Shelf Basket

Under Shelf Basket28. Under Shelf Basket: Utilize the unused spaces below your cabinet shelves with Silver Mesh Under Shelf Baskets by Design Ideas. Smartly designed, this under shelf basket uses the idle space below kitchen shelves to maximize your storage. Made of sturdy silver mesh construction (via Organize.com)

29 Tool Hook

Tool Hook29. Tool Hook (via The Container Store)

30 Folding Mesh Stacking Shelf

Folding Mesh Stacking Shelf30. Folding Mesh Stacking Shelf: It is always difficult to locate small items in cluttered kitchen cupboards. Organize your kitchen cupboards with the Folding Mesh Stacking Shelf by Design Ideas. This small folding stacking shelf has a tiered design for stacking shelves, providing you am (via Organize.com)

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