40 DIY Container Project Ideas to Completely Declutter Your Home

31 Simple Spice Organization

Simple Spice Organization31. Simple Spice Organization: Spice Organization, Organize Spices in Mason Jars, How to Organize Spices, Spice Containers, Simple Spice Organization, Mason Jar Storage (via Bright Green Door)

32 Wall Full of Baskets

Wall Full of Baskets32. Wall Full of Baskets (via Simply DIY 2)

33 Cubby Storage Rack

Cubby Storage Rack33. Cubby Storage Rack: Cubby Storage Rack – Before I did my hall closet makeover I had my kids gloves and hats in baskets on the upper shelves. They couldn’t reach, heck I could bare (via My Love 2 Create)

34 Laundry Room Change Jar

Laundry Room Change Jar34. Laundry Room Change Jar: Make this humorous Laundry Room Change Jar to make laundry time a bit more fun! Includes free printable and full instructions. (via Tried and True)

35 Pantry Storage Jars

Pantry Storage Jars35. Pantry Storage Jars: It is an outrage the number of jars and plastic containers we have to discard every day in a house. I’m keeping them because I like to re-use them, you can always find a different use that what they already had without having to go through a recycling center. The other day I started to sort them by size to try to gain some space and suddenly I had an idea. (via My Sweet Things)

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