40 DIY Container Project Ideas to Completely Declutter Your Home

16 Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers

Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers16. Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers: My laundry room is a messy room! I have baskets for dirty clothes, baskets for clean clothes, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies and a few other random things in there that have no other home. Our laundry room is a bit of a catch-all at the moment and it is driving me nuts! It is on…Read More (via Simply Designing)

17 Hanging Book Holder

Hanging Book Holder17. Hanging Book Holder: A great small space storage solution for all those books, especially all those children’s books. This hanging holder can be made in any fabric, in any size. (via Table and Hearth)

18 Bath Toy Storage

Bath Toy Storage18. Bath Toy Storage: GREAT FOR KIDS & ADULTS! Stylish bathtub toy storage that allows water to drain and toys to dry properly. Easily converts to luxurious organization for guests. (via Blue i Style)

19 TP Craft Caddy

TP Craft Caddy19. TP Craft Caddy: The creative space to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies (via Lilyshop)

20 Tiered Jewelry Stand

Tiered Jewelry Stand20. Tiered Jewelry Stand: Make a Tiered Jewelry Stand from Vintage plates (via Whats Ur Home Story)

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