50 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Do with Sharpie

1 Easy Sharpie Plate

Easy Sharpie Plate1. Easy Sharpie Plate (via Invisible Crown)

2 Gold Staples

Gold Staples2. Gold Staples (via House of Huntley)

3 Sharpie Paint Pencil Cup

Sharpie Paint Pencil Cup3. Sharpie Paint Pencil Cup: Have you guys tried Sharpies paint pens yet? They’re awesome I tried them out recently on a super-quick DIY. I needed a pencil cup to house all of the tools floating around on my desk, so I grabbed this almost-dead jar candle and went to work. If you want to do the same, follow (via Lovely Indeed)

4 Sharpie Beaded Necklace

Sharpie Beaded Necklace4. Sharpie Beaded Necklace (via Our Designed Life)

5 Polka Dot Mason Jar

Polka Dot Mason Jar5. Polka Dot Mason Jar: As you may have noticed, I’m a little bit obsessed with mason jars. They’re pretty adorable on their own, but let’s face it: everything’s cuter with gold polka dots. This festive DIY is beyond easy, takes all of 2 minutes, and you probably already have mason jars and a gold Sharpie in your crafting arsenal. (via With Lovely)

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