40 Easy and Adorable DIY Projects to Make for Babies

11 Anti-Slip Baby Socks

Anti-Slip Baby Socks11. Anti-Slip Baby Socks (via Estéfi Machado)

12 Baby’s Hogwarts Bound

Baby’s Hogwarts Bound12. Baby’s Hogwarts Bound: My good friend who also is a Potter fiend had a sweet baby girl a few weeks ago. And I just couldn’t help but make her a Gryffindor onesie outfit. I wish I could say Id put these onesie sets in the shop but freezer paper stenciling is such a finicky sport that I just (via Rae Gun Ramblings)

13 Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks13. Wooden Blocks: First of all I would like to apologize for the long break between posts. After the holiday season we had a whirlwind of … (via Domesticated Engineer)

14 Child Swing

Child Swing14. Child Swing (via Pinja Colada)

15 Painted Arrow Onesie

Painted Arrow Onesie15. Painted Arrow Onesie: DIY Modern painted arrow onesie, DIY Painted Baby Onesies (via For the Love of)

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