40 Fascinating Things To Make With Clay Pots

1 Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

Flowerpot Bird-Feeder1. Flowerpot Bird-Feeder (via The Garden-roof Coop)

2 Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots

Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots2. Ombre Stenciled Flower Pots: How to make ombre stenciled flower pots and stacking with rebar. (via DIY Show Off)

3 Terra Cotta Clay Pot Garden Person

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Garden Person3. Terra Cotta Clay Pot Garden Person: This is a creative way to spruce up your garden and use chipped or repurposed terra cotta pots. There is no “wrong” way to build your person. Gather up an assortment of pots. Large pots will create… (via Free Gardening Tips)

4 Terra Cotta Fountain

Terra Cotta Fountain4. Terra Cotta Fountain: If you have been looking for a substantial size fountain for your garden, Terra Cotta planters available at your local garden center offer a lot of po… (via Instructables)

5 Clay Pot Critters

Clay Pot Critters5. Clay Pot Critters (via PLAID)

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