40 Fascinating Things To Make With Clay Pots

36 Flower Pot Pals

Flower Pot Pals36. Flower Pot Pals (via Glue Arts)

37 Clay Pot Wreath

Clay Pot Wreath37. Clay Pot Wreath (via Sweet Pepper Rose)

38 Terra Cotta Pumpkin

Terra Cotta Pumpkin38. Terra Cotta Pumpkin: An inexpensive terracotta pot & saucer are easily transformed into an adorable painted pumpkin that you can fill with treats for a cute seasonal gift! (via Shaken Together)

39 Terra Cotta Turtles

Terra Cotta Turtles39. Terra Cotta Turtles: Hello everyone. It’s been a great summer,and hope all of you are enjoying it. I have a few projects to share with you that I know you will like. I love creating with terra cotta pots. There is… (via Chef Ping Creates)

40 Terra Cotta Pot Snowman

Terra Cotta Pot Snowman40. Terra Cotta Pot Snowman: Try this free craft idea and make your own terra cotta pot snowman! Find more snowman craft ideas at Craftown. (via Craft Town)

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