40 Genius Hacks to Make A Parent’s Job Easier

16 Kids Picnic Table Makeover

Kids Picnic Table Makeover16. Kids Picnic Table Makeover (via Caroline’s Crafty Corner)

17 Perfect Picnic Food and Capri Sun

Perfect Picnic Food and Capri Sun17. Perfect Picnic Food and Capri Sun: As our schedules get busier with the school year in motion, we try to make the most of weekend time and plan special outings with the girls. I love the idea of picnics, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by the preparation. Recently, we planned a picnic at a nearby park and I was able to…Read More (via Gril. Inspired.)

18 Homemade water balloon pump

Homemade water balloon pump18. Homemade water balloon pump: Household re-purpose: water balloon pump. Use a common item to make filling water balloons easy! Even for kids! DIY water balloon pump. (via Find It Make It Love It)

19 Kid Safety Temporary Tattoo

Kid Safety Temporary Tattoo19. Kid Safety Temporary Tattoo: A DIY Kid Safety Temporary Tattoo. Perfect for when you’re in large crowded areas. (via The Paper Mama)

20 Penny as Tap Shoes

Penny as Tap Shoes20. Penny as Tap Shoes: A clever way to repurpose an everyday item. (via Real Simple)

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