50 Extraordinary Beautiful DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

1 Sonobe Ball Flower Vase

Sonobe Ball Flower Vase1. Sonobe Ball Flower Vase (via Ludorn)

2 Envelope Decoration with Paper Punches

Envelope Decoration with Paper Punches2. Envelope Decoration with Paper Punches: Envelope decorating? Yes! Take a break from making liners and try paper punches instead. Let me guide you through this and you will love the results! (via Maritza Lisa)

3 Paper Heart

Paper Heart3. Paper Heart: As last weeks bonus post went down so well, I thought Id share another little tutorial on how to make an origami heart: You will need: 1 square of paper or pre-stiffened fabric A little glue (if necessary) 1) Lay your square of paper or fabric on the table in front of you: 2) Fold (via Madame B’s Boutique)

4 Recycled Flower Catalogs Origami Paper

Recycled Flower Catalogs Origami Paper4. Recycled Flower Catalogs Origami Paper: Hello again readers! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Spring time crafts: making floral origami paper from recycled flower catalogs. To participate you will need: a ruler, a paper cutting devic… (via Not So Kitty)

5 Paper Flower Jewelries

Paper Flower Jewelries5. Paper Flower Jewelries: I am finally able to bring to you a tutorial for the most beautiful origami necklaces hand-made by my mum. My mother is a remarkable person. I am equally proud as I am humbled to be her daughter. She possesses super-hero craft skill, patience from Heaven and Ninja precision. Here she shares a step-by-step tutorial how to make (via Olga The D-I-Wife)

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