40 Terrific Small Apartment Decorating Ideas Ever Presented to You

11 Pegboard Shelving System

Pegboard Shelving System11. Pegboard Shelving System: As DIY projects go, this is one of my favorites. A photo of one popped up here on Apartment Therapy last year, and it’s been in my cross hairs ever since. I love this shelving system because it’s simple, yet pretty, and can be configured in multiple ways. It’s also very easy to make, with a little precision and patience. Here’s how: (via Apartment Therapy)

12 Stenciled Herringbone Entryway Storage Bench

Stenciled Herringbone Entryway Storage Bench12. Stenciled Herringbone Entryway Storage Bench: This is a sponsored post. I was given complimentary materials to use and review, but the opinions in this posts are 100% my own. Even though our entryway is the first thing visitors get of the inside of our home, I haven’t spent too much time making it look nice. I hung a (via Mad in Crafts)

13 Rustic Wall Knife Rack

Rustic Wall Knife Rack13. Rustic Wall Knife Rack: Want to Display Your Favorite Knives? Do It in Style on a DIY Rustic Wall Rack. Mary and I have been longtime fans of the function and look that an exposed magnetic knife rack can add to any kitchen space. Not only is one useful for maximizing vertical storage space and providing easy access to kitchen tools Continue reading (via eHow)

14 PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack

PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack14. PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack: This is a simple instructable for a four towel rack that hangs on the back of your bathroom door. It was done with a lot of trial and error, and ther… (via Instructables)

15 Desk as Nightstands

Desk as Nightstands15. Desk as Nightstands: Most conventional advice recommends keeping work outside of the bedroom to boost calm and serenity within a sleeping space. But apparently most conventional advice givers have never had to make it all work with just 550 square feet. The bedroom-plus-office combo has always been a solid solution for tight quarters, and here’s one more tip to keep a dual duty bedroom comfortable. (via Apartment Therapy)

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