35 Creative Containers that Will Make You Want to Organize

1 Tiny Wood Ring Box

Tiny Wood Ring Box1. Tiny Wood Ring Box (via ALEERJIDESIGN)

2 Decorative Box Tricoa Glass Multi-colored Square

Decorative Box Tricoa Glass Multi-colored Square2. Decorative Box Tricoa Glass Multi-colored Square: Display jewelry and treasures in style with this charming Decorative Box. In transparent glass, this square jewelry box has gold-colored trim and ball accent legs. A painted polka dot base displays the words “Hello Lovely,” a perfect reminder for every morning. (via Target)

3 Medic First Aid Box

Medic First Aid Box3. Medic First Aid Box: Remedy your organizational woes with this stylish storage box. Painted in a classic med red, this sturdy, pressed metal cabinet can be wall-mounted for fast access in your bathroom or kitchen and features four distinct compartments for all of your healing supplies. Whether your emergency is health or fashion related, this bitty box can contain the essentials to have you cured in no time! (via ModCloth)

4 Pear Wooden Box

Pear Wooden Box4. Pear Wooden Box (via ALEERJIDESIGN)

5 Wooden Storage Box

Wooden Storage Box5. Wooden Storage Box: The ObjectBoxes from designer Maya Bille allow you to both store and display items in one simple step. Each European wood oak box includes an acrylic sliding lid that has enough transparency to reveal the boxes contents, and enough opacity that the eye focuses on the color of the lid and the fine craftsmanship of the wood box. Each ObjectBox can be used on its own, or stacked with arranged with other ObjectBoxes to create a modular, graphic storage system. Available in three sizes, ObjectBoxes can hold a variety of items from watches and jewelry to letters and desk accessories. (via Dwell)

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