50 Healthy Burger Recipes Using All Fresh Ingredients

1 Blueberry-Beef Burgers

Blueberry-Beef Burgers1. Blueberry-Beef Burgers: Whatever the season, burgers remain America’s favorite sandwich. When it is too cold to grill outdoors, broil the patties or use an indoor grill. (via Eating Well)

2 Cilantro Beef Burger

Cilantro Beef Burger2. Cilantro Beef Burger: Cilantro Beef Burgers (via Amazing! Paleo)

3 Bison Burger with Avocado Dressing

Bison Burger with Avocado Dressing3. Bison Burger with Avocado Dressing (via Little Kitchie)

4 Chipotle Black Bean Burger

Chipotle Black Bean Burger4. Chipotle Black Bean Burger: These healthy, vegan and gluten-free chipotle black bean burgers are so full of flavor they will knock the socks off any meat burger! Do you guys have those foods that you ALWAYS order if they are on the menu? I sit down at a restaurant, scan the menu for goat cheese and sweet (via Ari’s Menu)

5 Broccoli Pistachio Burger

Broccoli Pistachio Burger5. Broccoli Pistachio Burger: Blog about nutritional foods and healthy recipes (via Anja’s Food 4 Thought)

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