40 Useful and Popular Office Products You Need for Your Desk

6 Cactus Decor

Cactus Decor6. Cactus Decor (via mysheyne)

7 Grass-blade Ballpoint Silicon Grass Pen

Grass-blade Ballpoint Silicon Grass Pen7. Grass-blade Ballpoint Silicon Grass Pen: Generic Poo-leaf Forest Green Grass-blade Ballpoint Silicon Grass Pen Black Ink Pack of 12 : Office Products (via Worldoor)

8 Office Sweet Office

Office Sweet Office8. Office Sweet Office (via YardsalePress)

9 Puzzle Calendar

Puzzle Calendar9. Puzzle Calendar: This kool Puzzle Calendar is made out of colorful building blocks for your creative enjoyment. Just rearrange the blocks to change the look of your calendar each month, and use the icon blocks to note (via Paper Source)

10 Build On Brick Bookends

Build On Brick Bookends10. Build On Brick Bookends: Support your books by building something just for them. With these Build-On Brick Bookends you’ll be keeping your books (or your media collection or whatever…) upright and putting your creativity on display at the same time. (via ThinkGeek)

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