50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

1 LEGO USB Flash Drive

LEGO USB Flash Drive1. LEGO USB Flash Drive: In this instructable I will show you how to make a mod and make a Lego thumb drive, so get out your old Lego collection and start building! You Need: -Thumb Drive -Lego bricks -Super glue -Razor blade -Dremel (via Emsaid)

2 LEGO Millennium Falcon

LEGO Millennium Falcon2. LEGO Millennium Falcon (via Doodlecraftblog)

3 Party Invitations

Party Invitations3. Party Invitations (via Little Family Fun)

4 Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer4. Desk Organizer: This LEGO desk organizer is a simple way for kids to get more organized with their homework area – simple to make and a fun desk accessory! (via Kids Activities Blog)

5 Mason Jar LEGO Lamp

Mason Jar LEGO Lamp5. Mason Jar LEGO Lamp: How To Make A LEGO Minifigure Mason Jar Lamp + LEGO Brick Lampshade (via One Savvy Mom)

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